Saturday, May 16, 2009

Miss me?

I have SOOOO much I want to write about but I'm going to have to take a couple days, weeks, months, years; well, you know, to get it done.  So I'll just briefly tell you what's to come so you'll have something to look forward to.  Consider it a sneak peek! :)

1.  ORANGE rocked my world and I don't know if I'll be able to put it into words.  This may be it.  Nah, I really want to attempt to explain my ORANGE fever to you guys to help you understand where my brain will be the next few months.  I am beyond grateful for Jim for being totally cool with me going and being such an awesome dad who LOVES staying home with our boys.  He's really amazing.  Can I just say chocolate covered hot dogs?

2.  Some health issues.  Nathan's starting to dislike PT.  Yikes.  He's in it for the long haul.  Nathan's first dentist appointment with the great Tracy Edwards.  Oh yeah, my little guy being brave, at least trying to! :)  No cavities!  Then there's the great praise---Brady went to Dr. Weiner at Duke for his LAST visit Friday.  Everything's great, here's the quote, "No one will ever even know he's had surgery."  Well, this mama hopes no one's really looking.  Mama's are supposed to feel that way!  And for me, the scale FINALLY moved down a full 2 lbs. after not budging for two months.  That's nice. :)  I've also been headache free for a while.  I had one while in ATL, but that was from no sleep and some really awesome (loud) worship music.  BUT, my headache prevention meds cause me to have some memory problems.  For instance, today at girl Lowes (that would be the grocery store vs. the home improvement store, man Lowes) I ran into someone and called him by his father's name.  He was so embarrassed and told his dad who was quick to correct me.  SOO embarrassing.  Then tonight at church I called one of our pastor's kids Makayla and her brother was like, it's Makenna.  These are things I KNOW, but my brain is not able to process that info.  Or you'll ask me a simple question and my brain may not be able to open that drawer to get the answer so we both end up frustrated.  It's embarrassing because in those short passing by conversations you can't tell someone that your meds make your brain a little loopy sometimes so they just think you're loopy.  Jim says he prefers me to not be in pain over being able to remember things.  Since I've been without the pain for a nice (lovin' it) time now, I don't remember if it's really that bad.  It was, wasn't it?

3.  In the past few weeks, I've had some incredible words of encouragement said on my behalf.  They have been sparked by God so He's either preparing my heart for a time of heartache when I'll need those words or He knows how much those words have been a balm and a much needed spirit booster, perhaps a bit of both.  Two newish friends.  I say newish, because I characterize my life as BH and AH.  Before Harris and After Harris.  Odd, I know, but I am a different person that I was as his mother.  So these are AHers.  Sweet, dear women.  One of them worked with the great Fafa (that would be Sarah Apel, my nurse/angel/friend/support) so she knows probably more about the ins and outs of Harris than I can remember.  The other one I met last year and she is just so sweet.  Anyway, they both said they admire me.  I've never considered myself worthy of admiration so it took me completely by surprise.  I'm still kinda stumped.  They are both awesome women I adore!  Jolene and Sara, if you come across this, I hope you know how much your words have meant to me.  I also have to tell you about this incredible note of affirmation I got from a link leader and a student...but not now!  Ooo, it's so perfectly wonderful!

4.  Did I say I was psyched about kicking off ORANGE at SMC?  Jarm's allowed me to take over Huddle Times with our link leaders on Sunday nights.  This is a biggie for lots of reasons.  But the big one is I LOVE it!  Sorry Aims, I just said biggie!  Anyway, I love my volunteers.  Anyone who willingly signs up to spend hours with middle and high school students each week to love on them, encourage them, pray for them and pour their lives into them is my hero (lucky me, I'm married to one of them, too!).  My first week BOMBED!  More about this later.  

See, you're just getting tidbits here.  Just wondering if anyone other than my precious Aims is reading and really interested in getting more here!

I've also had quite a few philosophical questions that pop into my head.  You know the ones that come right as you've just applied the shaving cream to your legs and the kids come barging into not just the bathroom, but burst open the shower curtain.  Yep, those thoughts.  So, if I'm able to remember any of them, I want to ask them and get some thoughts.  Here's the first highly philosophical question of the day:

Do you think I should cut my hair much shorter?  HAHAHA  Sorry, just had to throw that one out there.  Okay, here goes with a bit of a background. 

Our Bible story for tonight was on Elijah and Elisha.  To begin with, I'm sure this was confusing the gibblets out of Nathan.  I was confusing myself.  Why couldn't they have named them Elijah and Boomer or something a bit easier to distinguish?  I'll be up reading a bit deeper into that story tonight!  But the lesson was about having a mentor, a strong Christian to follow (much like my fabtabulous link leaders).  To be a better Christian by surrounding yourself with those who have walked with God longer.  I asked Nathan whom he admires.  He answered God.  Admirable and wise answer.  But I think he's on to our Bible story time and thinks all of our questions must end in the answer God.  Sweet, but not genuine, you know?  So I started digging deeper.  Finally got Daddy out (YES!) and we talked about his church class leaders who are a young couple who are so devoted they are there every Saturday night and have been for the past two years and our pastors.  That got me thinking about who I admire and do I let them know it enough?  Sometimes I think my pride gets in the way of doing that.  Weird, stubborn pride, can't explain it.  I think it's because if I'm truly honest with myself it's disappointing to be lacking the qualities those people possess.  But now that I've figured it out, I can fight it!  So, now I'm thinking not only WHO I admire, but WHAT qualities do I admire in those people?  Those are the qualities I want for myself and my own children.  If I can't have them for me, how can I instill them in N & B?  Here's your actual question(s):  Who do you admire?  What qualities do you admire in that person/those people and why?

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  1. Girl, let me just start off by saying that you are SO WORTHY of admiration!! You are such an amazing blessing to all that you encounter, just the smile on your face warms my heart but than the words that come out of that beautiful face of yours... OMGosh, talk about showering people with encouragement! You ROCK!
    Praise God for the no headaches, weight loss, and the clean bill of health from Dr. Weiner! Those must be some good drugs they have you on! I must say that I always laugh at that guys name... do you think he was called from the womb to be a Urologist!? ;)
    I love your child-like faith and your excitement for things to come in your life is absolutely contagious! Love ya, Shea!