Thursday, August 27, 2009

Green pastures

"The Lord is like a shepherd to me.
A shepherd takes care of his sheep.
The Lord takes care of me.
He give me everything I need.
He gives me nice places to rest and good water to drink.
He helps me to be strong.
He helps me do the right things.
Even when something sad happens, I am not afraid.
I know the Lord will be with me.
The Lord makes me strong when I face my enemies.
He honors me.
He gives me more than I need.
I know God will love me all my life.
And I will live with Him forever."

There's your easy button, folks. This came from The International Children's Story Bible by Word Publishing. The boys have gotten quite a collection of Bibles going and love to hand me a different one each day to pull from. Each scripture has an illustration from a child from somewhere on the globe. It's adorable. I opened this version today and my hands went to this page. Exactly what I needed to hear and in these simple words. No green pastures or still waters, but a nice place to rest & water to drink. That's about all this spent mind and heart can accept so my God knows exactly what to offer. How grateful am I to have Him and to have two children to hand me exactly what I need when I need it?! Thank you God for my immeasurable gifts now and always.

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  1. Thank you for visiting my blog and for the sweet comment on Will's photos. Your boys are precious!