Tuesday, August 18, 2009

mine, Mine, MINE

Finding Nemo made those words cutely popular in 2003.  My family and I jokingly say them when one of us gets a case of the gimmies.  However, this week I do not want to share.  I have pinkeye for the first time in my life.  It's painful and annoying and oh so bothersome.  I've had some eye problems before.  I had a Chalazion in the 4th grade that had to be surgically removed (not fun, mom passed out watching it!).  I've had a few styes.  I wear contacts, I consider myself almost blind without some sort of eyewear.  Don't ask me to see anything without light, darkness and I are not friends. I'm not afraid of it, I just cannot see!  Eye problems don't bother me.  However, as my sister said, "Those are some mighty big eyes to be pink."  Gotta love her!

I do not want to share my germiness with my family so I'm screaming MINE, MINE, MINE to my boys to keep my germs to myself.  I'm keeping them at arms length to avoid contact at all costs knowing how wildly contagious this mess is.  Nathan's got it perfectly under control, even drawing pictures of me with one eye stuck closed and the other open.  Brady, on the other hand, still wants to cuddle and be kissed and loved on.  It's only been a full two days, but my arms ache with longing to hold and cuddle my gifts from God.  It's one thing to be away on a trip or be pestered to pieces and need a break.  It's another to be in the same room and want to hold them or for them to want to hold me and know that doing so could jeopardize their health.  

Last night we were supposed to join Jim's link group on a trip to a Greensboro Grasshoppers game.  Nathan was so excited about going until I told him we wouldn't be going because I didn't want to give my germs to all the people there.  That was one heartbroken little guy.  We've promised him we'll go next week (let's hope no one else gets this)!  If anyone wants to join us, we've been gifted lots of free lawn seats, so let us know.  

Today I was supposed to go to a retirement luncheon for a dear lady at work.  I sadly had to decline to avoid getting anyone else sick.  Yes, I'm pouty about missing out on all these fun things!

BUT, I remember a facebook post from a friend just last week who was feeling under the weather.  She said, "not feeling very well! However, when I don't feel good....I just think about all those people around me that are having much serious health issuses and suddenly my problem is sooo small. Thank you Lord for overall good health! I am so thankful!"  What a beautiful reminder of all I do have to be thankful for.  Oddly enough Saturday night I was sitting at church during announcements thinking of this sore throat I've had for a few days and started thanking God for keeping me healthy.  Our entire family has been blessed with good health the past few years, very few colds and now just this.  That's pretty good considering we've got two little people and I work with lots of youth! Preschool's coming, I know! :) Like my friend's post I was thinking about others who suffer regularly with pain or serious medical conditions.  I thought of this family, http://www.littlepapiandpunkin.blogspot.com/.  Sweet Julia is fighting for her life, battling ugly cancer.  We went to Westover with this family.  Their son Carter was born a few weeks before Harris.  Mom Amber is a super mom, really, one of those moms you wonder if she ever sleeps because she's able to do so much.  She runs circles around me and always has, I'll admit to being wickedly jealous of her.  And now her sweet Julia is being attacked by cancer and here I am whining about pinkeye.  If you have some extra time, read about Julia-read a bit of the before cancer to see how their life was (how super mom Amber was then and still is now!) and how the ugliness of cancer has changed their life.  But read carefully to see how GOD has held them carefully in the palm of His hand and never let them go.  He will never leave you nor forsake you.  This family knew that before and is a testiment to that now.  Check out that beautiful new beach picture, too.  Julia used to have these adorable curls, now, well, you'll see.

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