Thursday, July 8, 2010

It's been way too long and I don't even know where to begin.  But I'm thinking that the last month of sleepless nights can be cured with writing.  We've had THE busiest summer to date and to think my children are only three and five wears me out.  I can only imagine how much busier they'll be when they are older.  Nathan was concerned about missing his friends when preschool ended, but he hasn't had time yet. 

We finished school, then had swim lessons so we could confirm Nathan is a fish.  Then both boys were gifted a week at Kopper Top Camp.  It's an amazing camp in Liberty where the boys were on a farm all morning long and worked with horses, rode them and interacted with all sorts of farm animals.  Every day they came home sweaty, dirty, tired and deliriously happy.  We are forever grateful for this gift knowing we could not repay the price of this experience for them. 

During that time I was gifted SOME alone time.  Much of those days I had plans, but on Wednesday of that week, I spent the entire day at a friend's pool.  Not my pool, with lots of others and the rowdy neighborhood teenagers, but a pool all to myself.  I read a book, swam some laps, listened to music of my choosing and thought about never coming off that floaty chair.  It was the first completely guilt free moment I've had in almost six years.  I say guilt free because when we have date night or when I have a time for myself, I always feel guilty about leaving the boys.  Or I feel like I "owe" Jim some alone time later so it's not really free.  This may not make sense to others, but it's how my bizarre brain works.  So, for this one day, my husband was at work, my children were so very happy at camp until whenever I wanted to pick them up (could have been 5-6pm if I wanted) and I was on my own.  I debated for the longest time about going to stores, you know getting in and out of the car ALONE, but what fun is that?  I would end up talking to myself because they weren't with me to talk to.  And I didn't want to tempt myself with wanting to buy things.  I essentially "wasted" a day by doing nothing.  However, that wasted day was extremely beneficial to my well-being.  It would have been better if I made sure to put Jim down for the emergency contact that day.  Every time my phone rang I jumped out of the pool to make sure it wasn't camp.  Wouldn't you know that would be the day that I got about fifteen calls?  Seriously, my phone never rings except on this day and I didn't answer it.  That's why they made voicemail!  I picked up my children earlier than necessary because of some thunderstorms, but when I did pick them up I was a relaxed mommy who didn't mind that they were wet, cranky and had eaten three packages of fruit chew thingies.  If this ever happens to me again, I'll also be wise enough to have dinner already made so my day-of-do-nothing can continue!  The biggest problem with do nothing days-they have a habit of running over.  By the end of the week I had five loads of laundry to wash and put away.  Oh well.  God calls us to rest on the Sabbath.  I know Biblical time frames are different from ours.  So I'm thinking that my once in 6 years day of rest is equal to one Biblical day of rest, right? 

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  1. LOL! I like your biblical time conversion!