Saturday, July 10, 2010

Little Boys Smell(s)

As I was writing the title I couldn't decide if it should be Little Boys Smell or Little Boys Smells.  I'm thinking about both here so either fit.  Nathan and Brady met a new friend today.  His name is Nathan and he has CP.  He has the same physical therapist my Nathan has and she suggested me to the mom for someone to talk to.  Someone who encourages and challenges her children (who walk differently, not sure I'll use that D word or that H word, ever) to do whatever their bodies allow, whatever their hearts beg them to do, however they can get it done.  Of course we arranged this meeting two weeks ago unaware that it would be in the high 90s this week.  We planned an early morning playground meeting, but after an hour we took it inside.  My boys were sweating enough to fill our pool.  The great thing about little boy sweat is that is smells like little boy.  It doesn't smell like middle school camp or my sister's old CRV.  It has the harmonious blend of dirt, frogs, and puppy dog tails!  Actually, for my boys, that's not too far off.  Just add in some Nathanness and Bradyness and you've got the most perfect arrangement for your nasal factory.  While it's not something you'd find on the shelves of your local department store for purchase-I know, without a doubt that in twenty years I will be wishing I had bottled some of that up.  A friend saw the boys during this sweaty time and she hugged both boys tight.  I could tell by the look in her eye when she mentioned their smell that she was thinking of her sons at that age (they are now my age).  As I held my sweet Nathan tonight during our devotional I tucked my nose into his fluffy brown hair and deeply breathed in.  I couldn't get enough of him-sweaty, freshly bathed-he's been created so perfectly.  I'm trying to capture and savor that smell.  He'll be one of my Crossings middle schoolers before long and well, we know what they smell like!  And I'm not even going to write about the other many ways my boys like to make things smell in our house...

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