Saturday, July 17, 2010

New Things

I tried running for the first time this week.  Nothing was chasing me.  My children were not running into the road and no one was after them.  In fact, I thought they were asleep.

Jim and I have been working out at least three times a week since June 1st.  It's been beyond amazing to have a partner in this.  There are many days that I just don't feel like doing anything but reading a book at night.  Jim will come downstairs all suited up and ready forcing my guilt complex into overdrive.  I then must work out with him.  I think I've let myself down twice by not working out with him.  So on Tuesday night when he was out building a boat for camp and I'd had a terribly emotionally draining day, I could have, maybe even should have skipped working out. But I thought, hmph, I'll show him I can do this.  And I even tried something new.  I did my regular stuff with weights and I've worked up to 150 crunches a night.  But then I turned on a podcast for Couch to 5K.  WHAT?  5K, like if I finish this I'll get $5,000, right?  I wish.  I'm going to trust God on that answer and see what happens.  No, really, it's a training technique that prepares your body for running distances.  I've got the Magnificent MILE (yeah, that's my cutie on the slideshow!) coming up in September.  Notice, MILE.  Yep, I need to work myself up for it.  See, I've been working out at home using Leslie Sansone's Walk at Home videos and a Biggest Loser video.  Both are great tools.  Both can be done in the comfort and safety and air conditioning of my home.  No one is watching me for entertainment purposes, it's all great.  So I thought I could swing the Couch to 5K inside, too.  I kinda had to, because I can't just leave my angels in bed while I go off attempting to run.

I took my puffs from my inhaler (recently been confirmed I have asthma, gee, I could have told them that a long time ago), tied my shoes, grabbed some water and pressed play.  It starts out very nicely-listen to some worship songs while you walk.  Hey, anyone can walk for 5 minutes, right?  Then the guy says, "Well, now you're warmed up and ready to RUN, go!"  I went-around in circles, through the kitchen and back around again for 900000000 seconds. Okay, I think it's only 60 second intervals.  During my last run back, I am greeted by Nathan saying, "I really like that song, can you play it again?"  Excuse me, aren't you supposed to be in bed and no, I'm not replaying it because then I'd have to run again!!  I finished up my run/walk and tended to him.  He needs lots of night time stretching lately.

Can I just say how exhilarated I felt after that first night of running?  I wanted to run outside and jump in the puddles from the big storm.  I proclaimed I enjoyed running as my facebook status.  I was envisioning running for fun every night.  I was already thinking of when I would need to replace my shoes and would Bob ever allow me to join his running group.  Then reality set in.  Fortunately I wasn't so out of shape that my body couldn't handle it so I woke up feeling fine and you're supposed to take a day off. Jim and I did another kind of workout the following night.  Then last night (the night I was supposed to run again) I suffered an incredible (not great incredible, but the true meaning of the word-not believable) migraine.  Jim sent me to bed suggesting working out was not in the cards for me.  That brings me to tonight.  Tonight's run was prefaced by a very yummy hamburger and some (NOT about to count) homemade cookies I just had to make for stress relief.  I'm blaming the cookies.  Jim was home so I took the opportunity to venture out with the mp3 player and do my thing.  Oh my...

Poor neighbors who had to watch that spectacle.  They've never seen me out sweating or moving fast.  I'm sure many of them turned on the news looking for end of world happenings.  I passed many of them and held up my player for explanation that I was intent on my workout.  The first five minutes are walking.  LOVE those minutes.  Matt and Nikki were just coming up behind me and I waved with the player to indicate I was on a mission.  Then I had to break out into a 90 second RUN in front of the Juengel house.  Really hoping they weren't home.  It turned out that every time I had to run I was heading uphill.  I need to work on my route!  It was pretty pathetic, but I finished and I can say tonight that I do not enjoy running-outside in high humidity temperatures, or cold temperatures or rainy days or sunny days or perfect days when God is smiling down on me.  He was actually blowing me kisses at every uphill run with a breeze on my face.  Not quite as nice as air conditioning, but there's yet to be air conditioning at the Mag Mile so I better suck it up now!

I am still not in love with running, my shins will let me know tomorrow if I really dislike it and I know I need more girly support.  But I really don't want to give up on this and would like to see how the endurance aspect works.  Wouldn't it be nice to be breathing like a person instead of a Kentucky Derby winner at the end of the Mag MILE?

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