Wednesday, July 28, 2010

True Gifts

I named this blog Gifts From God, Loved by Mom because my boys are gifts from God.  That's actually the meaning of Nathan's name.  I wanted to leave the blog title to that, but someone else has it.  I added loved by mom-do I really need to explain that?  I also think we all know by now that I am not the most creative marker in the box either so thinking of one of those really catchy names wasn't happening and I thought that naming it after myself was a bit much.  Besides, we all know what I talk about ALL the time.  Tonight I got another glimpse of why I conisder my children to be such perfect gifts from God.  Please don't mistake that for me thinking my children are perfect, they are perfect gifts-like diamonds from Tiffany.

Before I tell you about that let me preface it a just a bit with the week I've had.  The boys and I went to Emerald Isle Tuesday with my parents and Candi's family came down for a bit, too.  Jim left for camp with our middle schoolers Wednesday at 3 am in Kentucky.  I did not get my helpmate, I mean, husband back until last night (Monday) at 1:00am.  Yes, that's a full seven days my boys went without their dad.  Do you have any idea what that means to them?  I am sure this sounds very whiney here, but we are such a family family.  Not a typo, we actually like each other, most of the time, and enjoy our time together.  Not to mention that I so very much rely on Jim to balance out our boys.  They are gifts from God, but this week I think they were a special delivery from somewhere else.  They argued, wrestled, fought, talked back, bickered, didn't eat well, didn't sleep well, and rarely said nice things to each other for seven days.  Maybe I'm exaggerating things a wee bit, but to an overly tired mom who needed a break in there somewhere and now needs a vacation from her "vacation," it's well deserved!  Jim allowed me to sleep in, in Brady's room, this morning!  I know he was exhausted, too, but I think he picked up on the "they are yours today" vibe before they even woke up.  Actually, he was beside himself to be with them again!  We had a pretty good family day, Jim spent most of it rehashing EVERY moment from camp, EVERY moment.  By the end of the night, the boys were back to being the misfits.  What on earth?  I thought having Daddy home would solve that.  Oh, poo.

Jim did take over the nightly routine which is wonderful because brushing teeth and getting ready for bed is just as enjoyable as going to the gyno.  We had a wonderful family devotional time, Brady paid enough attention to be able to answer a question that wasn't God or Jesus (his usual responses and when those two don't work he throws in Moses for good measure).  As I was having my Nathan and me time tonight he gave me a big hug and said, "I've got you chained in, you can't escape."  

I freed myself (almost lost an earring and I'm pretty sure my neck is permanently twisted) and said, "Baby, don't you know my chains are gone, I've been set free."  

He gave his infamous Nathan grin and said, "Mommy, let's sing that version of Amazing Grace together."  He belted it out and asked for more.  I told him we could sing more tomorrow, it was getting late.  

He said, "I'll just sing to myself, how's that?"  

"Sure, buddy, good night, I love you."  And then I did as all good parents do, I listened at the door.  With ginormous tears pouring down my face as he sang and God "rang-sunged" him. He wrapped it up and said outloud to himself, "Oh, yeah, right, MY prayers."  Listening to your five year old son pray independently for you, your husband and your other son and telling God how much he loves Him is one of the greatest gifts I have ever received.  I honestly don't know what Jim and I are doing as parents, other than fully trusting in God that He is moving through Nathan and Brady without us.  If He's not then we're bound to seriously mess up, we might anyway, but I hope that God is so firmly rooted in them that our screw-ups can be managed with Him.

So very thankful for the gift of a husband returned and two angels here on earth.

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