Friday, December 3, 2010

I get down, He lifts me up

Nathan falls, a lot.  Brady falls, a lot.  Jim falls, not so much anymore. :)  

This is our life.  It is not unusual to pick up more than one child at a time from a fall.  We call them 2-for-1s.  They have an uncanny tendency to be Dominoes around each other.  They fall when they are running, walking, jumping, hopping, and sometimes, off the couch!  The last one is just because they are a bit goofy!  You wouldn't believe the dirty looks we've gotten while out shopping when the boys fall and we keep going.  Negligence written all over them.  From the beginning of their first steps and first falls, we've laughed them off.  What's the point in getting worked up or upset over a fall?  As little people they have less distance to go so the fall's not that bad.   

Now, however, Nathan is just at four feet tall, weighing in over sixty pounds.  And he'll be six on the 7th of December.  It's starting to be a bigger fall.  Giants fall harder, you know. Again, we take it lightly.  We can tell by the look on his face after a fall whether we need to intervene or allow him to work it out himself.  He's pretty amazing.  I'd be a big ball of tears if I fell that much.  I do trip a lot and have some falls myself.  Clumsiness marrying HSP wasn't the best plan...ah, love.   

That brings us to Kindergarten. We're loving Nathan's school and his teachers and the environment.    But just about every time I go into the building someone, the guidance counselor, the janitor, the teacher, someone shares their concerns about his falling.  I appreciate those concerns.  That means they are looking out for my child. But no one is content with the answer that this is what they do.  They fall, a lot some days.  Especially cold days.  I respond as nicely as possible yet I do wish they would know that if there was something better we could do to help Nathan (or Brady) we wouldn't hesitate for anything.  I think it's pretty clear I would rope the moon for the men in my life.  There, I've needed to get that off my chest for some time now.  Thanks!

I read a friend's blog today where she had fallen and hurt her ankle.  She said it was a reminder from God to rest and take it easy.  I've decided to use every fall in our family to praise Him.  I have incredible gifts from God who fall and I'm going to praise Him for them everyday, with every fall. 

"I get down, He lifts me up.  I get down, He lifts me up, I get down, He lifts me up!"

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