Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Jim gave me my cherished diamond engagement ring on July 28, 2001.  It was a warm Saturday afternoon when he opened a box and asked me to be his forever.  I quickly said yes, slapped that sucker on my ring finger and pulled out years of wedding plans that would challenge Pinterest any day.  Later that night I got to drive my parents and Jim an hour out of town for dinner.  I don't know how I didn't wreck that car, I spent the majority of the drive staring at the sparkling diamond and all the little spots it was creating throughout the car. 

In those 13 years I have spent many moments watching the sparkles.  I have worked at making sure my ring is clean so it sparkles the best.  I have been sad when plump-baby-inside fingers wouldn't allow me to wear them.  I have looked at my rings as a symbol of our love and marriage.  When Jim and I exchanged those rings that November we were promising to remain true to God and to each other.  We chose rings as an unending circle, a symbol of eternity.  We wear them as outward expressions of our eternal devotion, much like a believer goes under the water to show their eternal relationship with Christ.

So what does it mean when I look down at my ring in the midst of a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day?  Does it mean that we've broken our promises to each other?  Does it mean there's a rough patch ahead?  Does it mean that even though from a distance my ring looks intact it's really not, much like marriages often do?  I could look deeper into all of those questions and until my ring is repaired I may.  But here's what I do know and what I'm holding onto.  God gave me Jim.  He seriously threw him in my life at a time when I wasn't looking and gently whispered, "I know he's a yankee, but you've got a gem in this guy; a keeper, a man true to Me and to his word, a man you can trust through everything, a man who will love you like no other." For once I quickly listened to God and snatched that man up before someone else could.  He's been all that God promised to me and more.  

I may have a broken ring but I do not have broken promises, Jim and I are committed to at least another 87 years.  I may have a broken ring and there may be a rough patch ahead but I know Jim is going to travel through that patch WITH me and we will get to the other side so much better than we were.  I may have a broken ring, but I hope and pray what others see in us is true and real. I pray that our marriage shows the good and the ugly but always shows God working through it all. 

My ring may be broken and I may be wearing a fun giant sapphire my sweet hubs gave me for Christmas two years ago. And I may miss my diamond so very much, but just as a believer still has Christ years after they've stepped out of the water I still have Jim, our marriage, our family and a God who loves us beyond measure. 

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