Tuesday, September 16, 2014

When life takes over you sometimes forget or run out of time for the things that bring you peace.  For me, that's writing or tossing some words out that are cluttering my brain.  Sometimes it's painting but I'm such a perfectionist that I end up disliking what I do.  I have lots of black canvases, not blank, black from where I've painted over the mess to create a somewhat blank slate.  

So here I am in the midst of one of the most stressful and exciting times of our lives; as a family, as a couple, as individuals.  As a family we have sold our house and are in what feels like the never-ending story of packing, cleaning, tossing, and remembering.  Just when I think I'm ready to tackle a day of packing (like I thought I would today) I come face to face with memories.  Those memories make me question if we really need to move, how important is a yard, a garage, being closer to work, having more room for friends over?  Today's memories are lurking in my kitchen cabinets.  Along with 82 different kinds of drinking vessels.  I tell you, we have a cup problem of insane proportions. Sadly as I'm sorting through trash, recycle, yard sale and keep the keep pile is still the largest.  

Some of these cups, like the last remaining sippy cup reminds me of a different time in our lives that in number sense isn't that far away but in child growth sense it might as well be another millennium.  At one time not too long ago you wouldn't find our family without a cup or two in our hands and several in the dishwasher and a few more in the cabinet.  I should have bought stock in those playtex cups.  They could be tossed from the heights of the highest high chair and still not leave a stream of liquid behind.  They were often tossed from the driver seat to the backseat.  They took many trips in a diaper bag along with an endless supply of goldfish, the unoffical food of toddlers everywhere.  I don't know why I've kept this one cup with the kiddie graphics washed off and teethmarks on the spout.  

Maybe thinking the neighbor's kid would need it when he visited.  Maybe knowing this mama's heart would never be ready to completely say goodbye to those years.  Maybe keeping it allowed me to hold on to those memories.  But as we are about to embark on a new adventure in a new house, a new town, a new school I need to let some things be just memories by letting them go.  This cup will be one of them.  Don't ask about the box labeled "emotional clothes" hanging out in Brady's closet.  That one will remain with us.  

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